The Democrats Might Lose Power In The Congress Due To Obama’s Failure To Accomplish His Promises


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Americans Are Called To Vote Today

Today Americans are called to vote and elect representatives to both houses of Congress, governors and local. Republicans have the advantage from the polls, and Obama is afraid of ending up in  a situation where he would have to make compromises.

Republicans, traditional opponents of the Democratic Party which includes U.S. President Barack Obama, are a favorite for mid-term elections that will take place today in the United States, says U.S. media. In other words, Obama will be submitted to a vote of confidence from the voters who elected him two years ago, but it seems people want a change in the Congress, the legislative arm of the U.S. government. Much more optimistic and confident because the results of polls, Republicans said their victory in elections today will unquestionably amounted to a repudiation of Obama and his policies, says Thomson Reuters news agency.

The vote today – “a political earthquake
“The election is a hard choice between policies that have brought us this crisis and we will get from it,” Obama said Sunday in a desperate attempt to attract voters to his side. “If all those who fought for change in 2008 and 2010 come to vote, we win these elections,” said the U.S. president before an audience consisting of 8,000 people.
On the other hand, Sarah Palin, Republican candidate for vice-president in 2008, said the vote today will be a “political earthquake” that will send a message to Obama. “(Vote – editor’s note.) Will says:” You failed, President Obama. I gave you two years to fulfill your promises to bring the economy back to life, ‘”said Palin.

In today’s game choices are all the 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 37 Senate and 37 of the 50 local government posts. Republicans need 39 seats currently occupied by Democrats in the House of Representatives and 10 in the Senate to take control of the entire Congress. The campaign for mid-term elections has been punctuated by various economic problems, including high unemployment rate of over 9.5% and even more in some states in the last 14 months. Also, there was criticism of the White House agenda, and a strong anti-Washington sentiment reflected by the movement’s “Tea Party” (local and national protests bill populist, conservative, libertarian, caused by the adoption of certain federal laws, as is that related to health care reform).

Is the policy changing?
Bush warned that in the event that the Republicans will win the elections, they will change the political agenda at 180 degrees. The British daily Financial Times suggests the same change in vision. “If the party (Democrat – editor’s note.) Loses control of the House of Representatives and, possibly, and the Senate, Obama’s administration will be forced either to change gears or to stop his reforms,” notes one British newspaper.
Eventually, however, the Obama administration will have to reach an agreement with the majority Republicans.
“Given that the mode of Americans is one of compromise, Obama will be able to work with a Congress where the majority belongs to another party. It happened many times. And Bill Clinton was the Republican majority in Congress, is believes political analyst Daniel Barbu. “Obama’s Democrats are doomed to failure in the elections tomorrow (today – editor’s note.).It is a similar situation to Romania, during the governance of Emil Constantinescu. At this point, Republicans have a new leadership, more reliable, we face a Republican spurt, “says Daniel Barbu.

How low is the popularity of the Democrats?
Republicans have created waves among the population, promoting a real person in case of attack on Obama, because of financial aid offered by the government in Washington auto companies and banks on Wall Street with the outbreak of the crisis.

However, Obama is not the only one to blame, given that most of these measures has been outlined during his Republican predecessor George W. Bush.
In order to counter the most severe recession since the Great Depression of ’29 years ‘- ’33, the U.S. administration made a series of steps, some very costly to American taxpayers’ pocket, including emergency economic stimulus package in worth 814 billion dollars.
Critics argue that this package has contributed to record budget deficit.
On the other hand, the White House argues that the American economy was still on the ground in the absence of this package.

The Economist: It’s not Obama’s fault
“The candidate who promised hope and change has not delivered any of this. But it’s not entirely his fault,” headlines The Economist magazine, referring to President Barack Obama. Although it cataloged as a “lucky guy”, given its rapid ascent in politics, Anglo-Saxon publication shows that Obama has inherited from its predecessor a sick economy, which had to invest taxpayers’ money.


What do the legislative elections of today mean?
They are called mid-term elections that are held every two years to elect the president, who will stay in office four years. Elections are in fact for Congress – both legislative chambers in the United States – and for some local governments. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives are subject to Election Day, but only about one third of the Senate or 37 seats will be filled by election. It also will hold elections for 37 local government posts.

Why is it important?
Election stake is control of Congress, the legislative arm of the U.S. government. For now, Democrats hold the majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Which party has the most chance of winning?
President’s party usually loses some seats according to the mid-term elections. Surveys show that today’s elections but most Democrats will lose both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

What will happen if the Democrats lose control in the Congress?
Americans use the term “Divided government” (divided government) to describe a situation in which Congress and the presidency are controlled by different parties. Over time, presidents in such a situation have failed to develop a relationship of cooperation with Congress, but there were exceptions.11

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