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We all know that passwords are not a really pleasant issue to discuss about. A study reveals that more than half of the website registrations are never completed, due to the uncomfortable steps one has to follow.

Many people can’t stand passwords because on every website they need a username and a password, forcing them to memorize every username and every password for each website they log in. This was considered often a disadvantage by people who often use the Internet and need access to a certain website.

Specialists created a new technology which comes to help people in their way to log in a website. They think that, making easier this registration process by eliminating the need for a password will increase the number of account registrations to over 90%.

Companies like Plaxo, Facebook, Yahoo and Google have already started to use this new technology, called hybrid onboarding. In the past, the registration process used to take more than 10 steps, and at the end you had to validate your new account by accessing a link received on your inbox. Now, with the elimination of the need for passwords, a user can log by mean of a simple click.

In this way, it is a lot easier to use the new technology because you have the opportunity to save precious time, and at the end your mental state is perfect, without being angry because of a certain step you didn’t manage to pass over and you have to start all over again.

This new technology is still at its end and they will need more time until all the websites will use this new hybrid model. But there is good to know that important companies like Yahoo!, Facebook and Zoho have delightedly received the opportunity to use it, and the benefits are starting to show up.

The good part in this new hybrid model is that you are no longer forced to log in on additional sites first, so your password will remain closer to you and the chances for it to be misused or “stolen” are very few.

Interesting information is that President Obama has decided to use the same technologies in order to help its citizens to have an easier access to the websites related to Government and Administration.11

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