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Google has already launched the new design of Gmail, which is now available to users all over the world, even if only gradually. Taking into account the changes made with the area of contacts, which was improved, better organized and easier to use, the engineers from Google think that the users’ experience should be a better one.

Google has revealed for Mashable that the main reason why they decided to make some changes in the Gmail, in to allow to the service to be used for the synchronization of contacts with additional services like calendars, for example, especially from mobile phones and smart phones that are powered by the Android operating system.

The TechCrunch analyzed the details of the improved Gmail and realized that the guide of contacts has now other position, being placed at the top left corner of the screen. In this way, the users will have an easier access to contacts, where they can add markers, just like in messages.

The product manager of Gmail, Benjamin Grol, said that, due to the fact that many users have requested an area for notes, they included one, in order to make the Gmail experience a professional one for users.

Unfortunately, because the new design of Gmail is released gradually, it will take a while until users can have the possibility to get Google Apps by using Gmail in their own fields.11

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