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Fashion industry is always in change. New models, clothes and collection set the trends every year, and although fashion always comes back after a certain period of time, it is never the same. The perfect model that wears the designer collection items on the stage image also evolved from the first presentation ever made to the year 2011. Now skinny, very tall, and actually perfect models is what all the fashion presentations show.
But, still it seems like the fashion models have taken their weight too seriously and actually to extremis. Models that are too skinny could be banished from the industry and not only them, a new overhaul is noticed in the entire fashion sector in Australia. Magazines won’t have in, either diets for rapid weight loss or cosmetic surgery advertisements. It seems like a new code of conduct will be set in the Australian fashion industry.

What does the new code contains? Well, all the magazines will be asked to have in sale and in stock cloths of all the sizes on which they are available. Designers will have to hire only models that have properly weights, so, there will be a limit on this matter saying that dangerous skinny models should not be promoted. Models that are aged over 16 will be the only one able to present clothes on catwalks or in print, this element being valid for adults’ clothes. The new code does not only refer to women clothes, but also when it comes to male collections, the designers are ask to not use too muscular male models.

All these elements promote what we can call a negative body image, and the new fashion industry code use has the purpose to change this view. Weight, image and body issues affect many women today and most girls dream about looking the way models on catwalk look. This creates an unhealthy image of the way they should look, on their weight and of course, the actions that are made to be at that certain weight have bad effects and harm seriously the health. Fashion, style or clothes should never have reached such an image.

So, the Australians tried to make a change on this matter. Maybe for them it will actually work and their model will be followed by many others. In fact, this is not the image that we should see. Girlfriend magazines have already applied the code in their shops and since it is a store that has many clothes for teenagers in sale, it is probably the best place to start.11

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