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Some celebrities have inspired fashion, creating new trends

Every year’s trends are set by the most famous fashion brands, but in fact fashion or style can be quite different, but still appreciated, from one person to another, meaning that different looks can be fashionable at some point.
Some celebrities have the talent or the help to create fabulous outfits with a great taste of fashion, while for others is kind of difficult to find the inspiration to create a beautiful outfit. But, anyway fashion supposes creativity and some can really be creative, although not all celebrities make all the times the best decisions when it comes to the most adequate fashion outfits. But many times celebrities can have impact on fashion trends and they can create some memorable looks that can really mean a huge turn in fashion. So, here is a top 10 celebrity fashion icons with some of the celebrities that brought a change in fashion world or at least had the power to influence millions of fans.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston became a star with her role in the 1990s comedy series “Friends.” But, “Friends” was so popular that years after its season finale people still watch it. However, Jennifer’s character makes in the television series some fashion choices that transformed Jennifer into a style icon. And not to mention that Rachel Green, Jennifer’s “Friends” character, worked for Ralph Lauren.

But, what makes her a fashion icon? Well, Jennifer Aniston is one of the celebrities appreciated both for her style and her fashion taste. She was her own style, regardless of the fashion trends. And the famous actress’s hair style has made history. Her haircuts created new trends adopted by women all over the world, and although she made no radical changes from this point of view, her hairstyle never gets old. “The Rachel” was the most sensational haircut of the 90’s. She is the best example that great style can be obtained with simple, classical, but yet feminine and elegant outfits the same time. Jennifer’s sophisticated style made her an undeniable fashion icon and although she hasn’t launched, at least not yet, her own clothing line, Jennifer has her own perfume.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Like in Jennifer’s case, Sarah Jessica Parker became a fashion icon with a role in a television series. Again a comedy, “Sex and the City,” became popular both for its story and for its fashion. The television series was about two things, or at least it created that impression, relationships and fashion. Carrie’s outfits, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, made sensation and we must say that the actress found inspiration in her own movie character and began wearing herself more daring designs.

Carrie, but also her three best friends, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, are all obsessed with fashion. And “Sex and the City 2” is actually mostly about fashion and glamorous clothing pieces. However, the movie, and mostly Sarah Jessica Parker, has inspired women all over the world. During the years, she became the face of many fashion brands, she worked with Gap at one of their campaigns, but she also launched her own fashion collection, accessories and perfume line.


If not for something else, Rihanna is definitely popular for her radical look changes. Yes, Rihanna has attitude and style, but the singer has also shown some of the most dramatic changes of looks, with a variety of make-ups and hairstyle color changes. But Rihanna also shows in most of her performances bold, sexy and original outfits. Well, she is no Lady Gaga, but Rihanna is an appearance that can not pass unnoticed.

What makes Rihanna a fashion icon today is the fact that she has the courage to use different styles, going from simple and sometimes classical outfits, to the most fabulous ones, having her own, original, fashion style. She can definitely be a source of inspiration, and she probably is, at least for her fans.

Britney Spears

Maybe in the past years Britney Spears has changed her image, and she definitely made some bad choices, and not only when it comes to fashion. But, things weren’t always like that. Britney was many times compared to Madonna and her singing abilities brought her the huge fame she still has today. Britney started as a teenage pop singer and shortly after launching her first single, she became the most popular female pop artist.

Well, at some point Britney made some not so inspired choices and she still struggles to overcome her problems. Her conservatorship hasn’t ended and her spectacular overcome with hits such as “Gimmie More” was left behind now. And Britney still tries to make order in her life and to make a final comeback with her musical career. But, Britney Spears has always been a fashion icon, so if the star wore something, millions of girls wanted to have it. She set herself some new trends and in her most famous days teenage girls wanted to be like her and bought everything that could be linked to Britney’s look. She was the one to first wear low-rise jeans, a tread that is still alive today. And we must also mention that Britney had signed a partnership with Brand Group Inc for her own fashion line, Britney for Candie’s, collection available in Kohl stores since July.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Who doesn’t know or like the Olsen twins? Well, they are some of the most famous child actors in Hollywood and they remained famous now that they have grown into beautiful young ladies. They were hired for a movie role when they were only six months old, and since then they worked in numerous Hollywood productions. They are unique and they are not afraid to make some bold choices when it comes to fashion. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen seem to love style and elegance, as they are mostly seen with high heels, adopting sometimes extravagant clothes that make them stand out.

The Olsen twins manage to surprise every time with their good fashion taste. And what makes them even more appreciated is that they have a style they use all the time, regardless of the event, if they are on the red carpet, at a party or out shopping. They just have a unique fashion style and are an inspiration of many other girls. But, they showed their interest, talent and creativity along with their fashion choices with their own clothing line called “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls.” The twins also have their own couture fashion label, “The Row.” And although, the actresses like any other celebrity, have their critics, they also have many fans that find them inspirational and true fashion icons.

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  1. loenasarah says:

    i vote for britney spears, no one can achieve her fashion controversy..bravo britney!!!

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