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In what follows I am going to present you the top 10 strange creatures. It is unknown if they are real or if they are imaginary, but people seem to be fascinated by them, as they continuously mention them. These creatures are terrifying and it would be a real nightmare meeting them.

Jersey Devil

It is said that the Jersey Devil can be found in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. What is interesting about this creature is the fact that stories about it started to appear from the 1800s, and they still continue to exist. The appearance of this creature is very strange, as it is bipedal; it has hooves, wings of a bat and head of a horse. It is said that the creature was born when a witch from the area called the devil while she gave birth to her 13th child. As soon as the child was born he was turn into a demon, and ever since then he started to harass the people from that area.

It is said that the demon killed numerous livestock and that it often make very strange and creepy noises. More and more people have declared seeing the strange creature in the beginning of the 1900s, in most of the cases, the appearance of the creature being accompanied by a strange sound.


Sirens were apparently “seen” in many places from the world, in numerous seas, and oceans, and so on. As you might know, the tales about the sirens have started from a very period of time, being mentioned in many mythological tales. The sirens were able to trick the sailors to crash their boats by mesmerizing them with their amazing voice. However, there have been many people who have claimed that they have seen them while traveling with their boats, hearing their incredible voices.

Most of them have said that the encounters occurred during foggy days, and as a result they could not see very well the figures of the creatures, but that they could distinguish their figures. Who knows, maybe this is the reason why so many ships have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. I can not the explain the disappearance of the planes through this though.

Goat Man

The Goat Man is a monster which has the characteristics of both a man and a goat. It looks like the Minotaur from the Greek mythology. It has hairy legs which resemble like the ones of a goat, it has horns, and it has a very greasy hair. There are numerous stories about the creature, and they all contradict each other when it comes to its origins and to the way in which it lures the people in order to kill them. Some say that the creature can hypnotize its victims, whereas there are others who say that the creatures can mimic the voices in order to attract the people towards the train line where they will be crushed by the train. I have no idea why it likes to kill the people in this manner.

There are some who say that the creatures like to stay in trestles and to jump on the roofs of the cars. However, there are some who say that the creature has an axe and that it attacks the people with it. It seems that there are lots of contradictions about it, or maybe there are different monsters.

Lizard Man

The Lizard Man or Ore Swamp is said to be located in Lee County, South Carolina. It is said that it is bipedal, and that its body resembles the human body, and that it has a height of about 7.2 feet. People first started to notice it in 1988, the most recent time when someone reported noticing it being 2008. The creature has a very strong build, and its entire body is covered in green skin, its eyes having a red color. It has three toes and three fingers, and thanks to a circular pad around them, it can climb on walls.

Some said that the cars from the area are often damaged by something which looks like footprints which have three toes. It is believed that it climbs on top of the cars being annoyed by them. There were people who have stated that their cars were simply ripped apart, and that they suspected the Lizard Man to be the one responsible for it.

Montauk Monster

I added this creature on the list because it is one of the latest recorded, and because there is a clear picture of it. The creature was discovered in 2008 on the beaches of near the district of Montauk, New York. The creature was discovered in 2008, and the newspaper made a huge deal about it. The Montauk Monster has a very strange look, as it resembles a large rat, or something like that. You will admit that it looks kind of strange, and there were many people who have stated that it might have been a genetically experiment which went wrong.

The experts who have analyzed the body have stated that the creature is actually a raccoon which has no upper jaw, but of course the majority of the people did not agree with it. There are many people who are convinced that the creature belongs to the paranormal world, and that there might be more of them lurking in the waters.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I am reading the Dulce book, and it made me think of some of the strange creatures people people swear they see. Read it and you will know what I am saying…