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The debate whether UFOs exists or not has been present for a long time. There are many people who don’t believe they exist, many who believe they exist, and some swear that they have encountered them. Many of these people who stated that they have encountered them brought various theories regarding the aliens. These are the top alien encounter myths.

The science can not explain how certain structures from this planet have been constructed. Take the great Pyramids for example, they are very precisely aligned and designed, and as a result many people believe that they have been created by outer space creatures. The reality is that the Egyptians had the necessary information and equipment in order to create them. The process through which they have been created has been presented on various documentaries, yet people still believe that aliens were involved in their construction.

Many people believe that the aliens butcher cattle. They believe that they might do it because of amusement or because of scientific reasons. Since 1970s hundreds of animals have been found dead, with peculiar marks on their bodies. Some of them lacked the organs, which were removed with surgical precision, whereas some had their blood drained out. The reality is that such events occurred before the 1970s as well. The theory that the aliens might be responsible for the mutilations started when the UFO craze began. The experts say that the mutilations are a result of natural decay processes and of scavenger attacks. Some say that the cattle are not attacked by the UFOs, but by the Chupacabra. Yes, that makes sense now.

Area 51 has been a source of mystery for many years now. It is said that this is the place where the U.S government takes all the alien bodies and aircrafts. It is believed that this is the place where the Roswell aliens were taken. Other say that the aliens go there, as it is their landing spot. The reason why Area 51, which is officially a military base near Groom Dry Lake, Nevada, is so popular is because it is impossible to get it without permission. The people seem to ignore the fact that the place is a military base and as a result military equipment is most likely created and store there. Secret military equipment and prototypes might be stored there, and as a result there is a valid reason why people are not allowed in there.

The crop circles are most likely the result of alien ships landing there. Some say that the crop circles are messages sent by the aliens, only that we do not know how to decipher yet. Movies have been made about aliens and their crop circles, but in reality it has not been proven that aliens (if they exist) have anything to do with it. It is most likely that the alien crop circles are nothing but a hoax. If aliens would want to send a signal, I am certain that they would have other means of doing it, besides ruining the farmers’ crops.

Some say that Mars is actually the planet where the aliens live and the main reason behind their claim is the faced-like structure which has been observed on the Red Planet. Many people claim that the structure was built by the aliens, and it represents a clue that they live there. The famous picture was taken in 1976, and since then many pictures of that area have been taken. Surprisingly enough the pictures did not reveal the face, which means that the reason why the face structure appeared was because of the low quality of the camera and of the low image resolution.

In 1995 a movie which shocked the world appeared. It was a black and white film and it featured an alien autopsy. The people believed that the aliens in the movie are the inexperienced alien pilots that crashed in Roswell. The interesting thing is that the UFO researchers themselves stated that the movie is a hoax. The movie was full of anachronisms and inconsistencies, yet some still believed that it was real. The author of the movie declared that it was a hoax, but not even that managed to convince some people that it wasn’t real.

June 24, 1947 was the day that changed our conception regarding the UFOs. That is when Kenneth Arnold stated that he saw nine flying saucers near Washington, and since them the people see them all the time. It has been revealed that his declaration was taken out of context. He did not say that he saw a flying saucer, but that he saw flying objects which flew “like a saucer if you skip it across the water”. The reported made a mistake, but since then the conception about the alien ships is that they have the shape of a saucer.

Many have declared that they have been abducted by the aliens and that the aliens have implanted certain strange things in them. It seems that people have objects implanted in them very often but by accident. Running barefoot can result in splinters in your toes, and so on.

Hundreds of people have stated that they have been abducted by aliens in the 1980s. Some of them were raped by the aliens; some of them were the subjects of various experiments and implantations. The psychologists have stated that the reason why people might believe that they have been abducted is because of false memories, which can occur for different reasons. Sleep paralysis might also be another reason for the abductions.

The most famous alien encounter is the Roswell incident. Apparently in 1947 an alien ship crashed in Roswell, which is located in New Mexico. Something crashed there, but it seems that it was a weather balloon which the U.S government used in a spy program called Project Mogul. The descriptions of the witnesses resemble the characteristics of the weather balloon.

These are the top alien encounter stories and myths.11

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26 Responses to Top Alien Encounter Stories

  1. Jim says:

    The Roswell story is not the only one which is amazing! One of the most detailed stories ever heard belonged to a 23 year old Brazilian farmer named Antonio Villas Boas. In the night between 15 and 16 of October 1957, he was driving his tractor when he saw a bright light heading towards him. He was caught by aliens coming from inside the UFO. Villas Boas said that aliens were 1.5 meters tall and they were wearing gray suits. They had big helmets and pipes were coming out of them. Villas Boas was taken aboard the spaceship and he was stripped naked while they took a blood sample. He said that aliens were trying to communicate with him with soft screams which were not very clear. After being left alone, naked for about 30 minutes, the aliens returned with a woman who was also naked and he described her as the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. After making love to her, his clothes were returned and the aliens showed him around the spaceship. He tried to steal a piece of equipment as proof but the aliens would not let him. When he left the spaceship, he realized that 4 hours had passed. Years later, people started questioning this story when they realized that Villas Boas were more than just a simple farmer; he was also a lawyer.

  2. Gerald says:

    Well, i have heard something different about the Roswell case. On the 24th of June 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an American business man, spotted something above the Washington state, something he latter called a “flying saucer”. He believed those were visitors from outer space. Eight days later, in Roswell, New Mexico, engineer Grady Barnett found the remains of one of these unidentified flying objects. Amongst these remains he discovered small bodies – weird creatures with no hair, big head and all of them wearing identical gray suits.

  3. Thomas Banks says:

    It seems there are tons of alien stories circulating all over the internet. For example, just last week I read that in the year of 1953, 2 women living in Tujunga Canyon, California, were woken up by a strange and powerful light at 2 a.m. When they looked at the clock again, it was 4:20. Over 20 years later, one of the women said that some beings took her aboard the spaceship that night and gave her a medical examination before bringing her back home. Due to the long period of time it took her to reveal the story, few people believed her and decided that this story was pure imagination inspired by the huge number of similar incidents that were published in that period of time. I am really not sure what to believe. Normally, I trust science and if something does not have a scientific explication, it is BS to me. But then hearing so many stories that have similar characteristics kinda gets you wondering…

  4. Alvin says:

    The internet is filled of pictures with photos of the so called Chupacabra. In fact, I think it is all non-sense and those photos are fake. I think this Chupacabra is just a species of wild animal, maybe a hybrid between 2 species.

  5. Sergiu Vidican says:

    And what do you think? Do they exist or not? :)

  6. Riggs says:

    Don’t you think it’s pretty weird that the universe has no limits and yet the entire living species in limited only to planet Earth? As a matter of fact, I do believe there is something out there… I just can’t put my finger on it right now. I don’t know if they are animals, aliens or whatever but I’m pretty sure that our galaxy still has many surprises in store for us…

  7. Anna Johansen says:

    You want to know what I don’t understand…. Why was the whole Roswell case covered in this great mystery? When that spaceship supposedly crashed, no reporters were allowed, no nothing. How do we know all that bla-bla on TV was real? I think that the Government knows a lot more than they’re saying. Oh, and another thing. If aliens don’t exist, what about all those strange crop circles spotted in different location in the United States? It has already been established that those odd looking shapes are very old and human did not have that kind of technology available at that time so they had to be done by some other intelligent force that had the technology and equipment we didn’t have.

  8. Bella says:

    Honestly, if there are aliens out there, tell them we could use a little help because this planet is either on fire because of massive heat waves or under water because of terrible floods and maybe an outside force is the only solution we have left. Apparently we are incapable of keeping this planet safe…

  9. Sergiu Vidican says:

    Well, it is said that they wanted to cover-up the fact that it was a weather balloon. Since it was of military nature, they did not want the press to find out about it. That’s the official story anyway

  10. Theo Grigore says:

    If it really was a balloon, why didn’t they say so from the start? Why hold a press conference 30 years later to inform people about it?

  11. Marianne says:

    I heard about the press conference as well. It seems that a Major of the American Army name Marcel something gave a statement about 30 years after the Roswell incident saying that those pieces that they gathered were in fact the remains of a weather balloon.

  12. Troy says:

    Guys, cut it out with the whole Roswell story. You have no idea just how many people are out there saying that have seen flying saucers. There was this business man from Idaho I think who was flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington when he saw a formation of objects which were extremely shiny and moving at an amazing speed. It was estimated that the speed was somewhere around 2.750 km per hour. These objects were shaped like boomerangs and they appeared to be agitated, moving here and there with extremely powerful blue lights. This is just something I read about on another website together with lots of testimonials. Think about it… I think that there is another form of life out there…

  13. User says:

    This is like the X Files – I WANT TO BELIEVE :)))))

  14. Lottie says:

    I think that UFOs have a more natural explanation that people refuse to accept. The most attractive natural explanation is that what people witness and call UFOs are in fact nothing more than electric charges in the atmosphere. This could explain why UFOs seems to be attracted to evacuation holes of airplane motors and the way that they seem to follow some predetermined lines of the interruptions that appear in the magnetic field of the Earth.

  15. Sergiu Vidican says:

    We will have to wait and see. Maybe they will initiate contact. Our only hope is that they are friendly :D

  16. no such thing as aliens says:

    Blah! There is no such thing as UFOs and creatures from outer space. All those weird beings that the government keeps finding dead all over the place are definitely genetically mutated animals which have weird appearance but they are surely from this planet. In fact, I hear that this Chupacabra is very similar to a coyote, only with some different genes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government put those corpses there in the first place. Talk about mass manipulation… people will believe anything they see on TV.

  17. apache says:

    I totally disagree with you. How can you say aliens don’t exist when we clearly have not received scientific explanation for a lot of happenings relates to UFOs and life from another planet. How do you explain crop circles and all those people which have seen ships shaped like 2 plates one on top of each other? God, I hate ignorants!

  18. Pixie says:

    Do you want to know why I believe aliens are not real? The nearest planet which is suitable for living is so far away from Earth that even a space travel would take years – even if a ship was traveling at the speed of light. It is questionable how someone coming a very long way is not even willing to give us a more precise sign of wanting to establish contact. How could anyone travel such a long way for… nothing?!

    • Tony says:

      Oh Pixie, Pixie. That’s such an old chestnut and it has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.
      Of course we couldn’t travel the distance quickly even with vehicles that travel at light speed but did it occur to you that maybe Einstein was wrong?
      The US Military Industrial Complex does itself have super-luminal craft with anti-gravidic propulsion systems and yes they actually fly ( for want of a better term ) In reality they have the ability to distort the space/time continuum so they don’t actually travel through space in linear terms. It’s like folding the fabric of space time back towards us so the distance traveled is only a fraction of the actual distance. The US obtained the technology from extraterrestrial craft that was shot down by the US military. Isn’t that friendly they send an invite then shoot down their craft when they arrive. They use scalar weapons not guns or missiles, some of NASAs videos of the space shuttle actually showed them attempting to shoot at an ET craft but they have become very good at avoiding the beam, they simply wink out, disappear.
      Extraterrestrials have been coming to Earth for a very long time. The evidence exists if you take the time to do the necessary research but you won’t find it on the corporate owned mainstream media who have had an embargo on the truth since the first extraterrestrial shuttle craft was shot down in 1947 at Roswell New Mexico.

  19. Sam says:

    I have heard of another amazing alien story. In 1959, 79 UFOs were reported in New Guinea. The most remarkable event of all was when reverend William Gill observed this phenomenon with 37 other people. On the evening of June the 26th, Gill identified planet Venus on the sky and above it, this amazing glowing object. Pretty soon, they managed to tell that this object was circular and the upper side was a bit narrower. While they were looking at it, four people came out of it. There was a blue light going on and off in the center of the object and the people were not only illuminated by this light but there was this aura surrounding both them and the spaceship. How cool is that?

  20. Alexander says:

    I heard about one where the crew of a Brazilian navy ship saw flying saucers. On the 16 of January 1958, from the training ship of the Brazilian Marine, Almirante Saldhana. The ship was moving in the waters near Trinidad Island, north-east of Rio de Janeiro, when, before noon, 2 civilian technicians spotted a bright light headed towards the island. The team photographer, Almiro Barauna, managed to take 4 pictures while the object came close and changed direction, showed itself again for a few more moments and then flew away with great speed. Pictures have revealed an object that was similar to 2 plates united at their border and the overall shape resembles all former images of a flying saucer.

  21. Sergiu Vidican says:

    Well there are many stories, but the problem is that none of them proved to be real so far.

  22. michael says:

    i beleive that some sort of life form does exist, just not a little green man racing around in a flying saucer.

  23. Richard Hester says:

    I’ve always believed that we were not alone in this universe. Then in August of Y2K, my wife and I both spotted some sort of alien craft hovering (wobbling actually, like riding upon river waves) about 100 ft. above the ground and maybe 2 city blocks away from us.

    It was 9:30pm, totally dark and we witnessed multiple colored lights, like white, red, yellow, blue and green on this object. Then literally 3-4 seconds after we spotted it off of a country road, it seemed to ‘feel our gaze’ and decided to leave. This craft vanished and zoomed over a mountain range about 10 miles away.

    The ‘zoom effect’ melted all those colored lights into one VERY bright streak of orange light. This streak of light going over the mtn peaks in the San Juan Mountains in the Four Corners Area 10 miles distant happened in less than 1/3 the time it takes to blink an eye. The orange streak seemed to ‘hold’ its direct line and linger for maybe one-half second, then it too disappeared beginning from its point of origin, zipping off over those mtn peaks in the direction that this craft had zoomed off.. What we’d witnessed was something disappearing at the speed of light from a hovering position.

    We both felt that this ‘object’ felt our gaze, I’d slowed down from maybe 35 mph to about 20 mph as we were straining our eyes, trying to make sense of what it was that we were viewing close by to us in the night sky. The ZIP-off in a streak of light reminded me of a shooting star – except this light trail was only 2 city blocks away – and very, very bright.

    I was never a “doubting Thomas’ relative to considering that we earthlings were not alone in this great universe. After seeing this quick demonstration of something ‘not from this planet’ take off and disappear at the speed of light – I have no questions remaining that UFO’s exist. Who they are (multiple species from different places) or what they are doing — I cannot say. I can only say with complete honesty what I have viewed up close 11 years ago. And I believe once again that what the two of us witnessed was not of earthly origin.

  24. SNSDisthebestkpopgroupevarrrrr says:

    I believe aliens are real! Hopefully there the nicest because we need help and I am sure of it they would help us if only they wouldn’t be scared to reveal themselves Aliens we’re not capable of protecting ourselves because of these natural diasters we know you can soo please help us out1!! thanks :D

  25. Muthusi says:

    Why do those aliens show themselves only on whitelands,why havent there been a sighting in africa?maybe its just bullshit