UN Security Council Puts Off Vote on Palestinian Statehood


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UN Security Council Puts Off Vote on Palestinian Statehood

Support for Palestinian President

United Nations Security Council on Friday delays vote on Palestinian statehood after the admission committee was divided over it, arguing that the new state was not of a peace loving nation, and that it was not supported by enough Security Council members to become a full member of the world organization.Ad not set – click and set me here…

Palestinians were able to score only eight votes after France joined Britain in abstaining on the matter, which means that they would not even have enough to provoke the American veto and claim a moral victory.

The French decision comes after Paris supported the bid for membership of UNESCO for the Palestinian delegation, which created a scandal and determined the United States to cut off the funds for the organization.

Consequently, the leaders of the Palestinians are searching for a new action in the favor of their state, and the pursuing of an extended status of UN observer seems the right way.

The Palestinians have the option of going on with the vote anyway, which would put the US, France, and Britain in the position of explaining why they vote how they did.

There is the possibility that the Palestinian Authority may go to the general assembly directly, where the vote is assured, thus avoiding a conflict with the United States and Europe.

An UN official said that no decision on the vote would be made until the president of the Palestinian Authority meets with the Arab League leaders in Wednesday.

The eight members of the security council which backed the Palestinian bid are: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Lebanon, Nigeria and Gabon. France and Britain have abstained on the ground that it would block the negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Colombia, Portugal, Bosnia and Germany are not expected to back the Palestinian statehood bid.

Britain, France and the United States have been accused of having sided directly with the Israeli position, since, in the opinion of many analysts, the negotiations stand no chance of being resumed.11

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