UNHRC Votes Resolution Condemning Violence in Syria


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UNHRC Votes Resolution Condemning Violence in Syria

UNHRC HQ In Geneva

United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday voted in Geneva a resolution that condemns the violence in Syria and the crackdown against the civilians, which is said to have caused up to 7,500 people to die in 11 months of conflict. The measure was approved by 37 nations, while Russia, China and Cuba voted against, India, Ecuador and Philippines abstained and four other members of the 47-member council did not attend.Ad not set – click and set me here…

The resolution condemned the “widespread and systematic violation of human rights” perpetrated by the Syrian government and reiterated the urgent need to address the situation in the country.

The document called on Bashar al-Assad to terminate all kind of violent acts against the population of the country, highlighting the deaths of the foreign journalists in the embattled city of Homs.

Kuwaiti officials said that the Arab foreign ministers will meet next week with the Russian foreign minister in a bid to unlock negotiations with Moscow over the Syrian case. Russia has opposed two resolutions at the United Nations Security Council and voted against one in the UN General Assembly.

The move comes as Britain and Switzerland announced they were pulling their ambassadors out of Syria, and the Kuwaiti parliament urged its government to severe ties with Damascus too.

In Homs, the regime continued its attack of the Baba Amr neighborhood, using mortars and rocket fire. The rebels are said to still resist the attack of the governmental soldiers. New tanks have been brought in, and a all-out attack was feared by the population.

On Thursday, the opposition gathered under the umbrella of the Syrian National Council announced it created a “military bureau,” which is said to attempt to unite the forces fighting against Assad and channel weapons supplies from other countries to the rebels.  The leader of the SNC made no specification as to who is going to supply Syrian rebels with weapons, but Saudi Arabia and Qatar have already demanded that the opposition be armed.

On Wednesday U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton said that the regime in Damascus is receiving a heavy support from Iran, without presenting any strong evidence to support her claim.

Also on Wednesday, the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan said he would travel to Syria where he is supposed to meet Assad and convince him to engage in talks with the people.11

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