Wal-Mart to push suppliers to cut emissions


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The well known store chain Wal-Mart has established its goal to reduce 20 million metric tons of greenhouse gas by 2015, which can only be a living proof that big companies can also care about global warming and its negative effects towards the entire population. The world’s largest retailer’s push goes even beyond its efforts to date to reduce its own emissions of greenhouse gas by designing more energy-efficient stores or pursuing alternative fuels for the entire line of trucks they use. Their set goal is equivalent to taking 3.8 million cars off the road each year the company added, while being devoted to green practices and worrying about the negative effects upon nature and the entire population of the global warming.
As a devotion to their goal, these last few years have truly been different for the Wal-Mart chain of stores; the company has been working with suppliers in order to reduce packaging in a full series of green and eco friendly actions.

Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke said on Thursday that the company needs to push for greater efficiency to maintain a competitive edge as it expands globally amid higher energy costs. Ecological foundations as well as green INstitutions across the country have been admiring the Wal-Mark initiative and sustain it proper in order for it to succeed.11

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