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Engineers are trying to figure out every day hot to make Internet users take control of their privacy and security. It is a true challenge that specialists have to face everyday, trying to find solutions for our online privacy. Google’s lead privacy engineer, Dr. Alma Whitten has exposed this topic on the Senate Commerce Committee hearing in front of those who represented important companies such as Apple, AT&T and Facebook.

Alma’s discourse included debated on how we can put our privacy principles into practice, with new products like the Google Dashboard, which provides users an easy-to-use panel for all their information they store with the Google accounts and other products. Another tool that Alma talked about is the Ads Preferences Manager, which allows users to edit the categories in order to serve them to interest-based ads.

Privacy plays an important role in everyone’s life, so Google is permanently developing new privacy tools focusing on security, user control and transparency. And all of this just for your best online privacy!11

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