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It’s still summer and nobody wants to think about school these days. However, summer is going to end quickly, like all nice things, and teachers are going to ask you for more writing assignments every week. You hate it! An you are not the only one! Everybody finds it quite annoying some parts of the writing process, if not all of it. For example, some might find difficult the research part of their assignments, as they tend to be very original and creative;  others, the typing part. And most of the people, the bibliography or reference lists they need to attach.

Sites have put at students’ disposal free software programs that will easy their work. For instance, bibme.com has thought about how to help students with their bibliographies. All you need to do is to write your paper, then go to the page, search for an author or book title related to your paper, and from the list available choose the right related works or publications. Add it to your bibliography and you are ready to hand in your paper.

Another free software program to use during your schooldays is eType, more technical than bibme, as it deals with typing speed and word choice. eType helps you during your typing process, allowing you to choose words that you need to write, improving your writing speed, at the same time being able to correct your spelling mistake and more, to help you avoid them. The limit of the program is that it is available for PCs only.

Writing does not seem so annoying any more, does it? It’s true that they do not write your essay from beginning to end, but at least they help in the process of typing and the more difficult one, that of searching for the bibliography and quotes that you need to use. And this help is more useful than that of doing all the thinking for you.11

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