Yosemite Bear:high or not high?


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Paul Vasquez, sometimes goes by the name “Yosemite Bear,” video taped the latest Web sensation, a double complete rainbow that he saw in his Yosemite, California house backyard.
Vasquez voice caught on tape demonstrates his ecstatic state, a normal reaction to reaction to seeing a double rainbow. Many people thought that Vasquez was either high or drunk, but he declared that he was not influenced by herbals and he was sober. In an ABC News interview during “Good Morning America” host Bill Weir suggested that Vasquez’s state of spirit was influenced by something different from the intense experience he had the opportunity to witness. The Double Rainbow video is a three minute tape which tapes Vasquez’s sheer surprise at discovering two rainbows outside his house, surprise that later turns into ecstasy moaning and sobbing. Looking at the video, you can not help thinking that the guy is high for sure.

Vasquez, who used to drive trucks long-haul and previously trained as a cage fighter, owns a farm, and in the interview he gave to the ABC he replied the host that he was not high or drunk, but he is just a happy guy. He has his own YouTube channel, Huggybear9562 where he posted more than 250 videos and he admits that he was on drugs while shooting some of them, but this is different and he was just enjoying the moment because he knew that this rainbow video was different. And he was right, and the Double Rainbow has already 2.5 million views on YouTube .11

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